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A can-do Attitude 

Thinking in retrospect, Berlin, my hometown, offered me great freedom and out of norm crazy impulses during my childhood and adolescence. From an early age, I experienced how strong good moments are and enjoyed thrilling times with inspiring people, load music and a vibrant lifestyle. Various people out there have shown me pure joy of life and kindness, unimaginably. Along the way, my attention was brought to balance, vibes and energy. I couldn’t believe what things exist in the world. Things which are no things.

My journey brought me to Australia, the country of Aboriginals, beaches, hippies and much more. Living in the Australian bush, I wondered about the essence of life (still wondering). At the age of 20, I realized how stuck we sometimes are. A burden put on our shoulder from people that don’t know better. Pressure, stress and negative thoughts that manifest illnesses and unhappiness. But what for?
Expectations of society can be put aside. Nobody needs them. Walls in our heads – nobody wants them! 
I learned that there are different ways of living. A life where work gains a new importance. Work is no longer a place where you been dragged to in order to pay your bills. Work becomes a creative project, something you stand for and a thing that you like to do. They say, ‘you can’t have everything’ but you don’t know if you don’t try. People say a lot of things. We better do what feels right for us. 

Beauty in Life

With that in mind, my idea was to design an object that would add value to people’s life. It sparked the concept of bringing beauty in a product that would be cherished in moments of meditation and relaxation.
YOGOJA is an appeal to let go of strangling thoughts, freeing ourselves from all that holds us back.
That’s the message I want to spread with inspiring, self-designed yoga mats. My 6 unique designs are created with the background of colour therapy, mandalas and sacred geometry. All with one aim:  stress relief.

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All the best from Phoebe C. (Designer of YOGOJA)


Free-Flowing is an appeal to free from the walls in our heads and letting go. So that we can allow ourselves to feel the flow, go with it. 
Our inner balance strong, the thoughts clear, we live more aware, relaxed and stronger.
Without fear and prejudices we become amazing.

Now we are Free-Flowing (a secret of happiness).

The Flow

The flow describes a state of complete absorption into an activity with full enjoyment, pure energy and concentration. Everything ‘flows’ inside us.
In this ecstatic and blissful state, the sense of self and worries disappear leaving room for growth, productivity and vision.

Those who flow as life flows
know they need no other force. 

Lao Tzu – Philosoph


Natural Rubber with Suede

Geometry Yoga Mat ‘Grounding Twirl’


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Natural Rubber with Suede

Yoga Mat Carpet ‘Red Green Journey’


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Everything grows with Love.