Eco-friendly Fashion: Tye-Dye Öko Shirts

Your Öko Shirt is made from recycled organic cotton and plastic bottles – for a better environment: 100% recycled! Each Öko Shirt is handcrafted with plant-based textile colour. During production there are no harmful substances used that could damage human or environment. Your Öko Shirt offers highest wearing comfort inspiring more sustainability in daily life.

Everybody talks about sustainability. But how can one live a sustainable lifestyle easily? Everywhere we find plastic in our daily life. So much is packed in plastic: fruits and vegetable, hygiene articles, building materials, beverages and so on. Where do we start with living more consciously if our surrounding is making it so hard for us?

We want to contribute to saving the environment with recycling plastic bottles! They can be used for new fashion! Sounds weird, but it IS great!


Why Öko Shirts?

Nowadays, we live in world with high consumption. Every day, new products are produced and sold. Around us, we find so many offers that we experience an overflow without even knowing.

Actually, we don’t need that much to live. However, we keep on buying these new and shiny things without thinking about the consequences. And more new stuff is produced to ‘enlighten’ our life.

How do the workers feel in the factories and where do they take the materials from? What happens behind the scenes and what happens to our beloved environment? Have you ever noticed how much plastic is used for packaging? We get the feeling that almost everything is wrapped in plastic!

It changes our surroundings for sure: ice sheet is melting, coral riffs are dying and we keep on polluting our environment with plastic garbage.

Making handcrafted Öko Shirts, our aim is to underline the importancy of this topic: sustainability!

Collected Plastic bottles (= salvage) and recycled organic cotton produce a new soft material. To make this more interesting, our fashion is hand-crafted with natural colours. With this method we save plastic from our environment and support our customer in the area of sustainability with eco-friendliy fashion.

We all can do something to protect our environment. 
With eco-friendly fashion and conscious living for a healthier environment!

What's Salvage?

SALVAGE-products are made from 100% recycled materials. Cuttings from organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles are salvaged into new fibers which are used to create Salvage fashion. This fashion is proven to be sustainable and certified by Control Union. Additionally, textiles are produced in a factory that is controlled by Fair Wear Foundation. They guarantee fair work conditions e.g. no child or forced labor, fair wages, existence securing working contracts, work security and health protection.

Die größte Bedrohung für unsere Umwelt ist der Glaube, dass jemand anderes sie rettet..

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