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Everybody talks about sustainability. But how can we approach a sustainable lifestyle?
In our daily life, we find plastic everywhere. If we start looking around, we notice how much plastic is used for packaging. Most of the products that we buy are still wrapped in plastic: fruits and vegetable, hygiene articles, building materials, beverages (…). Where do we start with living more consciously if our surrounding is making it so hard for us? 

Tie dye Shirts, Sweater and Hoodies made of plastic bottles 

YOGOJA presents recycling fashion hand-crafted in Berlin! 100% recycled materials manufactured under certified fair working conditions are tie-dyed with natural textile colours. Beautiful tie dye hoodies, sweatshirts and shirts to help protect environment and people. Here is why recycling fashion is a must by now. 

Why Fair & eco fashion?

Nowadays, we live in a world with high consumption. It’s not easy for us! Many attractive and tempting offers are out there. New fancy shoes, a new pair of jeans, a new jumper for the season, whatever we think, we need, some company is waiting for customers like us to provide exactly these things. Who doesn’t know the following situation? Actually, we didn’t want to buy anything, but then, it just happened. We buy because it makes us feel better in the moment or it may be that we just want it and so on. Like this lot’s of money is spent on new products every day. As we keep on buying new products, more new things are made for us to ‘enlighten’ our life. Meanwhile valuable resources may be used or even harmed.

Do we really need new things made of new materials? Do we think about the consequences for people and environment? What happens behind the scenes? How do the workers feel in the factories, how does their day look like? Do they have the freedom to change jobs if there are unhappy with their working conditions? Is the work save for their health and are they being protected enough like we are by law in Germany for example? Many companies produce in countries where it is way cheaper but without caring about the local communities and their land around. Where do they take the materials from? If we start looking around for examples, it becomes frightening. 

Do we think of alternatives?

Sustainable alternatives

We can all contribute to save the environment and to improve life circumstances of people that make our clothing.

Tie dye recycling Fashion handcrafted in Berlin

Recycling fashion, recycled fashion, green fashion, eco fashion – however we wanna call it, it’s all about reuse of materials within the textile sector. The “Global Recycle Standard”, which the produced recycling fashion underlies, is our guarantee that raw materials are 100% recycled! Recycled plastic bottles and cuttings from recycled organic cotton are transformed into a new soft material with high wearing comfort under fair working conditions (controlled by Fair Wear Foundation).

This recycling fashion is tie dyed with natural colours in Berlin. The plant-based textile colour doesn’t contain any harmful substances or chemicals. That’s why the colours generate more of a pastel tie dye. Cool and unique tie dye shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are created! Every piece is special.

With buying YOGOJA recycling fashion you help saving our environment from plastic pollution and are active socially. The Fair Wear Foundation is not only committed to fair work conditions, appropriate wages and health protection in production countries but also to empowerment of employees and to ending the gender-based difference, discrimination and violence.

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Green Lifestyle 

Following a green lifestyle will help protecting our environment. Don’t we all want to keep our beautiful nature? Especially in our stressful life coming back to nature helps us to with grounding and balance.


approaches towards a sustainable lifestyle 

Photographer Tina Eichner has documented different sustainability projects around the globe.

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