Painting Colours

How do we know which painting colours work for us?
When it comes to designing a building some people might think ‘that’s very easy, just choose any colour you like’ and they are happy with the result.

Other might struggle to figure out which painting colours and design work best. And that all depends on what you want to achieve.

What are you painting?

Are you painting your home, the living, kitchen or sleeping room?
Or are you painting a building for work or other business purposes? 

How would you like to feel?

When painting a room at home, think about how you would like to feel in each room or what you would like to improve in your daily life. Colours can help stimulating different purposes.
Do you need to cool down when you come home? Do you need motivation to get up in the morning? Do you like a vibrant living room? 

When painting a building from the outside, would you want to attract people to e.g. to visit your store, talk about it or remember the building in any way (exterior look)?
Depending on these thoughts you can then choose your painting colours.
But how do colours work?


Exterior Design Colours

How to paint my building?

What are the best exterior design colours? Naturally, exterior design is the first look people get when they pass or even approach to a place. And that’s what you will see every day in case we are talking about painting your home or office. This is an important issue as we should keep on liking the look of where we stay for a while. A consideration of the right exterior design colour can prevent eventual dislikes leading to repaints and higher costs. Neutrals colours are most common as exterior design colours as they melt into their environment playing it safe. This colours include white, grey and beige in different saturations. Natural colours or materials connect the place with nature which will always come with a soothing effect. They can be great to calm down and keep us grounded in our speedy lifestyle. A good recovery is needed when we go home from our stressful job, annoying colleagues or emotional meetings. Our body wants to rest and refuel preparing for a new challenge. Natural colours for exterior design include brown and green.
Bright colours can bring excitement and possibly, they might always attract. People will probably remember the place much better, as the blue, green or yellow house. However, they can add shine to the place, bringing positivism, depth and character. A bright exterior design colour could eventually express your person much better and would make you feel more at home. Even more, a dual relationship can be created – the design and you. If you are using a bright colour for the building of your business, the colour could as well may be implemented into your corporate Identity. (Ikea for example.) Colour and brand are merging into each other and the design of your building becomes an essence of your philosophy.
Just keep in mind: High saturation brings a special energy with it mostly likely to evoke an impressed, overwhelmed feeling. The bigger the surface with that particular bright the more threatening the impression can get. Colour with a lower saturation can prevent that effect – all depending on what you want and like. To conclude, building doesn’t only have to be a building. We can think a little more holistically and create an unique, personalized design for a healthy vibrant home or working space. Painting a building becomes a complete new experience. view colour effects

Bedroom Colours

Which bedroom colours are the best?

This is a question only you can decide because you are the one sleeping there. But there are a few things to consider that can help you with your decision: Do you have problems with sleeping as falling asleep, night mares or sleeping healthy seven hours a day? Or do you experience difficulties getting up in the morning? You might as well still feel tired or drained when you wake up. Reflect a little about how you feel in the morning and evening because for every struggle, we can find a solution in colour. Knowing that, the decision of the ideal bedroom colours gets much easier. For example soothing colours as Purple or Indigo could be used to calm down in the evening. Blue can help you relax and prevent nightmares and Red could boost your motivation in the morning. Of course the colours should be to your liking as well.

6 inspiring interior design ideas

Beautiful yoga mats as part of interior design

Integrate Colour easily into your daily life. Our self-designed yoga mats are a great interior design idea to add colour to your home. They feel soft to walk on and can be put where ever you like. If you want to change the feeling of the room again just relocate the mat.