How to live a healthy life

That is a big question with various answers. For YOGOJA however, there is one thing most important in a healthy life: balance. What is balance and why is it essential in a healthy life?

The challenge of a healthy lifestyle

We would like to live without stress. However, our social commitments and to-do-lists are waiting. Most of the times, our weeks are so full, too full. There is barely enough time for rest and relaxation. We need to plan this consciously in order to live healthy and balanced. 

Additionally, we are consistently bombarded with information by our surrounding world. Information we neither want to hear nor need. On top of this, there is the social pressure. Do we meet expectations of others? We don’t need to! However, making it clear to them is time consuming and at cost of your emotional capacity. How are we supposed to have a positive mindset if our strength for optimism is taken away?

Our speedy lifestyle challenges our inner balance. As we haven’t establishing our personal boundaries enough, we may exceed our personal limits (self-care!). All of a sudden, everything is too much. We are falling into an imbalance.

Occasional stress may be stimulating us, but too frequent or continuous stress may brake our balance and cause illness. Our mind becomes clouded with fear and negativity. Without really noticing, we are like a hamster, caged and running the wheel. We tend to lose sight of our goals, and what’s important to us. A healthy lifestyle – that’s what we wanted. 

Time our most valuable resource

Our capacities are limited, just like our time on this planet. Do we spend our time meaningfully? Did we find out what this even means? Do we know what is important in life, what we want to achieve? Or are we just wasting our time with doing things which are not even making us happy?

Cognitive dissonance – a dissonance between two mental representations that we hold of us and our life – is known as a discomfortable state which arises for example when we feel stuck in a job that does not fulfill our conceivabilities, when we dedicate our time to something which is not really important to us or even when we don’t create the healthy life we want to life. This state can cause physical and spiritual disharmony.

Perhaps we don’t know what we want, but we do know what we don’t want. We also know our main direction in which we want to go, and who we want to spend the time with. Becoming aware of what is important in life to us. Actually writing it down, can help setting back our attention, back onto the right path. By doing this, we listen to our inner voice, instead of what other people say, want or expect. Our lifetime is OUR lifetime. And at the end of the journey, it is up to us, judging our life decisions and priorities.

Small goals and steps can have a huge impact in our life and on our health. If we are setting our focus within harmony of what we want to achieve, we will live more fulfilled and balanced. This brings a positive element, bringing you closer to a healthy life.

Health, a state of physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing, is a critical factor in using our time efficiently. When we are ill, we are slower, tired, or even out, for a period of time. In any case, precious lifetime is then lost. However sickness is also part of the journey to health.

Are we protecting ourselves enough from stress and negativity? Do we take enough time for ourselves, for stress relief, for relaxation?

relax, to live a healthy life

Relaxing, finding inner peace, turning-off from daily routines…. Only in a peacefull state of mind, we can reflect, observe our life and detect patterns. Releasing these patterns consciously will rebalance our health and happiness. By avoiding the things or people that are dragging us down, we can reclaim our positive environment. Stress will automatically release and the balance will return. This is what is important to us, this is we (s)thrive for.

Yoga, fitness and meditation release physical, mental, and spiritual tension. This results in reunification of what has been separated, our mind and body.

Mantra chanting also resonates with our senses. ॐ (AUM) is the primary mantra, the sound of the universe, with the power to modify our thinking. The sound calms our mind and enables us to use inner energies. In this way our body, mind and soul restore in harmony.

And this is YOGOJA’s mission: inspiration for a life in balance, even Free-Flowing.

More about YOGOJA

With the right yoga mat to more balance

Get inspired by the right yoga mat and unify body, mind and soul with stress relief. Designed to lift and motivate the spirit with beautiful colour vibrations, YOGOJA designs create a grounding but stimulating foundation. The healing effect of colour combined with harmonizing impacts of geometrical patterns as mandalas, act centering. Inner peace is stimulated. They contribute to releasing tension and letting go. A free mind-set is a perfect base to build up muscles and soul.

Yoga mat designs


Unlocking self-healing Power

The word Mandala originates from the Sanskrit and means ‘circle’ which appears in the circle of nature and life, no corners, no obstacles. It is symbol for ultimate chaos in harmony, integrity and balance.
Mandalas bring healing. The symbolism, shapes and colours provide energy which stimulates our subconsciousness. It centers our focus. We are drawn into it but our mind stays relaxed. Their geometrical arrangement affects our mindset in a harmonizing way and helps to restore concentration.
This therapeutic effect has been used since centuries. Mandalas can be drawn freely or used for meditation purposes. They have proven to evoke personal growth and self-awareness.

Mandala Yoga mat

At some point I realized that there was no security in the outer world, and that there was no other way but to seek all this wihtin myself.
Gabi Pistor (mandala paintress)

sacred geometry Effects

Access to deeper Awareness

Sacred Geometry describes certain geometrical objects with a sacred meaning.
Ancient cultures show different shapes and geometrical patterns that appear in earth, water and air and fire. This sacred geometry connection was found to exist through the whole universe within the origin of everything.

Geometry yoga mat

YOGOJA is inspired by the effects of Sacred Geometry. The language of the symbolism provides a centering impact and nurture mindfulness. They promote inner reflection, calmness and relaxed concentration. The patterns of Sacred Geometry are used for meditation purposes.
Today, Sacred Geometry is considered as a structure of energy providing access points to deeper awareness.