7 unique Design yoga mats




cork yoga mat ‘Energetic being’

Designed for empowerment & energy flow!
Connect with your inner energies to experience ease and harmony.

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TPE Yoga Mats with microfiber

Symmetry Yoga Mat ‘Evolving Spirit’


TPE Yoga Mats with microfiber

Flower Yoga Mat ‘Byron Bay Blume’


Fair Eco Fashion

GREEN living



New festival concept by YOGOJA & kaffeerad.berlin!

In cooperation with kaffeerad.berlin a new heart project is created: stoff & bohne. A place to experience sustainable recycling fashion and yummy fair-trade coffee inspiring more sustainable living at beautiful music festivals in Germany!

More infos coming soon… 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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a photo project introduced

Photographer Tina Eichner travelled through Germany and the whole world to various sustanability projects with her camera.
“SOLUTIONS” shows us different ways to take action against climate change.




Colour Consultation

Colours in Architecture inspired by Colour Therapy

Blue wall? White ceiling? Red carpet? Green sofa?
Sometimes the decision of the right colour for our daily surrounding can be a tough question.
But why even think about colour consultation?
Some people are aware of the healing impact colour provides. You may think that is all nonsense and Colour Therapy is for 'spiritual people' only. But let us show you how colour consultation can actually lighten up your lifestyle.
Colour has proven an important effect on our system. It influences our thinking and feeling. Already the Ancient Egyptians, practiced the knowledge of colours using coloured crystals for healing purposes.

Colour Consultation

Influenced by Colour every Day

Colour consultation becomes relevant as it comes to painting exterior or interior. What are ideal colours to paint my bedroom, kitchen or living room? Or consider the effect of different colours when it comes to painting the exterior of your office or store. People can be attracted by beauty, abstract or the unlike. On the other hand, the wrong choice of colour can hold potential clients back from visiting your shop. Don't you wonder twice to walk into a shop that looks dodgy?
We are influenced by colour every day without us knowing for example banks often use the colour Blue. Blue encourages communication and honesty. 

Colours for home & office


Free-Flowing is an appeal to free from the walls in our heads and letting go. 
So that we can allow ourselves to feel the flow, go with it.
Our inner balance strong, the thoughts clear, we live more aware, relaxed and stronger.
Without fear and prejudices we become amazing.

Now we are Free-Flowing (a secret of happiness).

healthy life About

In simple terms, belief is part of why we get better. It’s not the complete answer, but it’s one part of any medical treatment, which is important.

Dr. Damien Finniss (International Association for the Study of Pain Special Interest Group on Placebo)

‘Nothing is permanent except change’

Time is passing by, running, escaping our hands. Where does it go?

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